1. What products do you supply?

Now we have 3 specifies on sale:

1) Spongilla Spicules Ingredient: Spongilla spicules powder and spongilla spicules gel

2) Spongilla Spicules Mask/Cream/Essence liquid for skin resurfacing


2. What's the color of your spongilla spicules?

White or off-white.


3. What's the size of your spongilla spicules?

Spongilla spicules is pure natural, that's bones of freshwater sponge, so we are unable to make the powder size to the standard length or width. Here’s only a size range for your reference:

Length: 180um-250um

Diameter: 10um-20um


4. How to use the spongilla spicules?

It's used for sure trouble skin such as acne, folliculitis, light wrinkles, oily skin etc.

1) In salon and skin clinic, spongilla spicules are used for peeling treatment, compared with other similar efficacy of application, spongilla spicules only give skin pure rational stimulation, never hurt the dermis and never cause bleeding, never produce any side effects.

2) As a single and key ingredient to add into peeling cosmetics such as massage cream, provide functions of peeling, skin irritation and pores enlargement.


5. Have us do any sterilization treatment to spongilla spicules?

Yes, our spongilla spicules have passed irradiation treatment after production, but we still suggest you pass irradiation treatment again before your production.


6. Why blocking situation will happen on the spongilla spicule powder?

That's normal phenomenon if the powder is damped, you just need to use a metal spoon to crush it and the powder could be used again, and the damping situation will not affect your usage and effects.


7. What's the INCI name and CAS# of spongilla spicules?

INCI name: Hydrolyzed sponge

CAS#: We can't find the CAS# from INCI list because it's a natural extract ingredient.


8. Can you keep spongilla spicules of all batches the same color?

The color depends on many matters, such as original materials and processing method. We extract spongilla spicules from freshwater sponges by the standard processing method, we can make sure our processing method totally same for every batch. But because the freshwater sponges are totally wild grow, and the farmer got them from different lakes and different streams, as well as different growth years. So we can't make sure every batch of freshwater sponge material the same quality and same color. But our processing will make sure spongilla spicules content be in a stable line to make sure your production stable.


9. What's the difference between our spongilla spicules and russia origin / Other Chinese supplier spongilla powder?

1) Color: 

ours: white

russia origin and other chinese supplier: Gray, brown or green

2) Spicules content:

Ours: we provide 4 specification: 98.5%, 97%, 95%, 50% and 20%

Russia and other chinese supplier: 20% more or less

3) Size

Ours: original size of freshwater sponge, we use sieving to control the size

Russia and other chinese supplier: Use muller to do milling, they control size by crushing, and based on this processing, the spicules were broken and the peeling effects not so good.

4) impurity

Ours: We have removed most impurities, only very few minerals left. Our technology make sure impurities be controlled down to 1%.

Russia and other chinese supplier: impurities very high, up to 80%, contains corrupted braches, leaves, micro organics and algaes etc.


10.  What's your processing method?

Water extract. It's our business secret and we can't exposure the details. And also the factory visit is not allowed at present in order to protect our technology.


11. What's your annual production? Can you make sure the stable amount supply?

We own ability of annual production amount more than 2 tons, but that not means we will keep stocks of 2 tons at one time. We are keeping stable monthly production quanlity, if you have order more than 50 kgs, please let us know in advance to make sure the delivery on time.


12. What's the shelf life of spongilla spicules?

3 years, it’s a kind of silicon matter and you can keep long time, but it’s easily moisture absorbed, we suggest you storage it in dry and cool place.


13 What's the packing of spongilla spicules?

1kg/bag, Aluminum foil bag


14. Can you provide some free samples?

We provide free samples of 10g for your testing if you would like to pay for the freight.


15. About your spicules cosmetics OEM/ODM, Can I add or remove some from your ingredients list?

Yes, we will list all ingredients you can change or to be replaced by other ones. But you can’t change the key ingredients because they’re essential components to constitute a certain cosmetics form.


16. I want to OEM your cream/mask powder/essence, what kind of packing I can select?

We will provide some bottles for your selection but not many styles, cause we don’t produce packing and we can’t prepare many stocks for the bottles or cans, so that will be better if you find a suitable bottles supplier. Of cause we can also search suitable bottles samples for you if request.


17. What’s you MOQ (minimum order quantity) for the OEM?

We own lab and work shop, and have ability to manufacture from 50pcs – 10000pcs to satisfy your different order quantity.


18. Can you help us to design the label?

Yes, we keep long and stable cooperation with designer and printing workshop, tell us your request and logo, we will design label according to your requests and this service is for free. If you don’t have logo, we can also provide you this service and just charge very few fees.


19. What’s your lead time (the days from order to delivery)?

1) Spongilla spicules powder: We have stocks for common order such as 1kgs or 5kgs, but once your order > 20kgs, please check with our seller in advance.

2) OEM for cream/liqud/mask powder: 20-30days

3) ODM for cream/liquid/mask powder: 1-2 months, but if the formula changed many times, the lead time maybe much longer.


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