Spongilla Tech is established in 2014, created by team with working experience over 10 years in cosmetics industry. We are committed to development, production and sales of skincare products from natural origin.

Along with the development of modern science and technology, especially the improvement and popularization of microscope in cosmetics company, the researcher found under microscope that, the spongilla powder constituted by kinds of organics and silicon with needle-like, and the effectiveness of acnes curing is just from its special physical character, the pinpoint will thumb into the skin, and stimulate the dermis, help to activate the skin microcirculation, and to reduce skin pores blockings, and also help to speed up the metabolism of skin generate, accelerated aging cuticle natural flake. This curing principle is similar as “derma roller”, but spongilla spicule is the product of biological evolution, it’s a kind of needle-like silicon naturally evolved in sponge body in the specific growth condition. Spongilla spicule is with finer and smaller size between 50um-180um, the purely physical stimulation on skin can help to avoid infection caused by skin damage. So, it’s an ideal natural origin ingredient and could be used on the skin for a long time to cure acne, pimple, folliculitis and oily skin, with multi skincare function of skin polishing, oil skin-balance, pimple removal(especially for silent acnes), whitening & spot solution, tightness and pore minimizing etc.

The unique physical character of spongilla spicules make it is possible to be extracted and purified. After many experiments and tests, our RD personnel extracted the spongilla spicules with purity of 50%, with color of very light brown. Compared with spongilla powder, we remove most of organics and reduce the most risk of skin infection, the 50% spongilla spicules are mixed with solution liquid (such as HA serum), used as mask to speed up horny to flake and cure the pimple, whiten skin and remove small fine wrinkles.

However, in modern cosmetics production, the extracts with higher purity will be easily accepted by manufacturer, thus to extract the higher purity spicule is imminent. In Spongilla Tech, this kind of spongilla technology turn to be possible. In 2015 beginning, we extracted the spongilla spicules wth purity over 95% successfully, and the purity is up to 98.5% if water removed. We removed organics and salts, it’s almost a single component, and can be used in most kind of cosmetics form such as powder, lotion, cream or liquid.

After half an year of pure spongilla spicules extracted, we developed a series of finished products, till now, we provide products as below:

1. Spongilla spicules:

-Purity 98.5%

-Purity 50%

2. Spongilla spicules skin resurfacing:

-Precious spicule New Skin Cream

-Precious spicule New Skin Essence

-Precious spicule New Skin Mask


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